My latest free video, “THE END: In Praise of Credits”

Just Launched :: This is Not a Conspiracy Theory Episode Five :: You can watch a preview above
Episode One can be watched for free here :: Subscribe at or on Vimeo On Demand

Above is my TED Talk, "Creativity is a Remix."

I also produce videos for brands. The video above was produced in collaboration with Sandwich Video.

I edited and mixed the video above for Blue Chalk Media and the Rheumatology Foundation.

I do a forty-five-minute presentation based on Everything is a Remix that applies well to any and all realms of creativity. 
I’ve spoken at YouTube, TED, SXSW, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Google, Netflix, The Creators Project, 
Build, Columbia University, New York University, School of Visual Arts and a bunch more. 
Please contact Ellis Trevor at Chartwell Speakers Bureau if you're interested in booking: ellis[at] 972-385-1021

A selection of media I've been featured in
The Guardian's Review of This is Not a Conspiracy Theory :: 99U, "Talent is Persistance," :: TED Radio Hour, "What is Original"
PBS Off Book, "How to be Creative"